Report A Case
How to Report a Case
1. Name: Please fill in you name even if you are not the person attacked, harassed or threatened. If you are not the victim, mention the victim’s name and contact details in the box – “Case Details” below.
2. Email: Please fill in a valid email address through which you may be contacted.
3. Contact: Please fill in your telephone number so that we may contact you, if necessary.
4. Date of incident: Give the exact date of the incident as follows: day/month/year.
5. Case Details: Give a precise description of the incident within 500 words.
6. Upload Document: If you have a scanned copy of a news report of the incident please upload the pdf file. Please do not upload RTI applications or complaints to the police or the NHRC here. We will contact you for these details.
7. Post Web Link: If the news of the incident is published on any website, copy and paste the URL of the page on which this story is reported.
Report A Case