Hall of Shame in the Media

March 07, 2021

RTI activists looking down the barrel of the gun, quite literally

( Life for Right to Information (RTI) activists in twenty-first century India could well fit the description of seventeenth century English philosopher Thomas Hobbes, who in his magnum opus Leviathan, visualised life for people without a strong central authority, as being `nasty, brutish and short.

February 18, 2021

Reality check: Karnataka's RTI portal takes transparency for a ride

It was exactly a year ago that Karnataka launched an online service for citizens to file Right to Information (RTI) applications. The portal, however, is so glitched that the State Information Commission (SIC) has repeatedly asked the government to fix the problems.

February 09, 2021

Book Urges Strengthening of Transparency and Accountability Systems to Save RTI Activists

Going by the research conducted and compiled in the book Life and Death in the Time of RTI, the 13 slain RTI activists of Maharashtra between 2010 and 2018 have yet to get even an iota of justice, thanks to a callous criminal justice system and apathy by the state administration, society in general and the media. The 13 RTI activists who were brutally killed between 2010-2018 were: Satish Shetty (Pune – 2010);  Dattatreya Patil (Kolhapur – 2010);  Ramdas Bapuji Ubale-Gadegaonkar (Nanded – 2010); Vitthal Gitte (Beed – 2011); Premnath Jha (Thane – 2012); Com.

February 06, 2021

Maharashtra Has the Dubious Distinction of Recording the Highest Attacks on RTI Activists

(The wire) Mumbai: Since the Right to Information Act came into existence in 2005, at least 16 activists have lost their lives in Maharashtra. In another 36 instances, RTI activists were assaulted and 41 others were either harassed or threatened with dire consequence.

January 30, 2021

Lifetime RTI ban imposed on whistleblower from Gujarat's Amreli

The Times of India The Gujarat information commissioner delivered a serious blow to the Right to Information Act by imposing a lifetime ban on an Amreli man, who has exposed several scams in GSRTC through his applications. In what is probably the first-of-its-kind verdict in the country, the commissioner cited the applicant’s ‘cantankerous approach’ as a reason for taking away his right to know about government affairs -- a fundamental right guaranteed to him under Article 19 of the Constitution.

January 24, 2021

Book on slain RTI activists, murder cases released

(Hindustan Times) At least three accused have been acquitted in the cases of murder of Right to Information (RTI) activists, according to a study undertaken by two journalists, Vinita Deshmukh and Prasanna Keskar At least three accused have been acquitted in the cases of murder of Right to Information (RTI) activists, according to a study undertaken by two journalists, Vinita Deshmukh and Prasanna Keskar. In one particular case, the death was deemed accidental.

November 01, 2020

Is Right to Information regime losing steam in its 16th year?

(Economic Times) On October 12, 2005, the first Right to Information (RTI) query was filed in a police station of Pune, heralding a new age of freedom of information and transparency. Widely acclaimed as one of the strongest legislations in the world, the RTI Act firmly established India’s democratic credentials in the world.

July 28, 2019

84 Activists Killed, Many More Are Missing Or Threatened; Now The RTI Itself Is Under Threat

( In June 2019, an RTI activist M Sreenivas, 44, was killed by unidentified person in Vishakhapatam.

October 29, 2018

Assaults and Killings of RTI Users Continue; 17 Recorded So Far in 2018

( While the government is going ahead with amendments to the Right to Information (RTI) Act aimed at seriously and adversely affecting the power and dignity of information commissions, which will effectively kill the Act, no less serious is the government’s lack of will to prosecute alleged killers and assaulters on RTI users, thereby emboldening nefarious elements to threaten and kill whistleblowers.